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Here are some UCA short courses at Trinity College, for you to consider.
Trinity College Qld is running some topical and practical short courses in the next few months. All of these are being held at Trinity College, Auchenflower. For further details about these, contact TCQ, 3377 9958.

Growing Thriving Teams

Four Thursday evenings, August 29-Sept 2019
The interconciliar nature of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) ensures that a great deal of the church’s life functions in team environments. Working Groups, Committees, Councils, Team Ministries etc. all form a fundamental means by which the church serves the mission of God. This course focuses on empowering all these different types of “teams” to be high functioning in their given context.
Suitable for: Church Council members, elders, worship teams, ministry/mission teams, candidates.

Sacramental Practices

Friday, 27 September (9:30 am to 4:00 pm)
Developing a deep appreciation of the centrality of the sacraments in shaping the way of discipleship is a fundamental aim of this course. The practice of the sacraments informs the rhythm of the Christian life. Therefore, the emphasis of this course will be on the discipleship imperatives in sacramental practices. This creates a basis for understanding the “how” of sacramental practices which this course will also cover.
Suitable for: Lay presiders, Pastors, candidates, worship leaders, elders.

UCA Governance and Regulatory Life

Monday 14 October (9.30 am to 4:00 pm)
The governance and regulatory life of the Uniting Church is complex. This short course aims to provide people with a clear overview of, what the Basis of Union refers to as, the “government in the church” and the decision-making processes and functions of this
interconciliar community of being. Another significant component of this course will be a foundational understanding of the Code of Ethics and its relation to the regulatory life of the church, especially for Ministry Agents.

Suitable for: POD participants, Pastors, new UCA members, Church Council members,

Church Growth in Missional Forms

Four Thursday evenings, October 10-31
The revitalisation of the church requires exploration of missional forms of church growth. This short course will consider five different expressions of church growth in missional forms.
The aim is to assist local Congregations, Presbyteries and Ministry Agents in exploring new possibilities for the church to serve the mission of God.
Suitable for: Mission teams, ministry teams, ministry agents, Church Councils.

Worship Bootcamp

Saturday, 26 October, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Worship infuses discipleship with a tempo that influences our walk with Christ. This bootcamp will be inspiringly experiential and theological rich in understanding why worship has always been, and always will be, central to Christianity. It will focus on empowering
individual and collective worship in ways that contribute to the revitalisation of the church.

Suitable for: Worship leaders and teams, Lay Preachers, ministry agents, elders.


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