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The “Riskies” group is a self motivated and self organised gathering of fun-loving adults. An interesting range of engaging activities and outings are planned roughly on a monthly basis. It is open to anyone from about 50 years in age who wants to get out of the house and do something with a group of friends on a regular basis.
Food, friendship and frivolity feature highly in the planning and execution of all we do.
See below for this year’s events list:

Riskies is just a group of people who enjoy doing interesting things together. Information about each month’s event is emailed out to the group. The philosophy behind this group is that you come to events when you are able but it doesn’t matter if you have to miss an event because of other commitments. It is a very relaxed group of people who would gladly welcome new participants.

Riskies, as a church group, is suspended during COVID-19 – but the contact form on the right still will reach the right people.


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