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‘While our Sunday church services resume, we understand that many in our broader church community will choose to remain linked to us via our online presence.

From Sunday 12th July we will be Livestreaming each of the Sunday services to our Glebe Road Uniting Church Facebook Page.

The ‘8:15am Traditional Family Service’ will start promptly at 8:15 am.

The ‘10:15am Contemporary Family Service’ will start promptly at 10:15am.

Each service will then be available for replay any time after the service finishes.

You do not need a Facebook Account to view the Livestreams, but it is a smoother experience if you have an account, otherwise it is normal for a pop-up window to appear requesting the user to ‘login’, ‘create an account’ or select ‘not now’ to continue.

Scroll down the Glebe Road Uniting Church Facebook page until you see a post entitled:

“Join us here right now for church online. This week’s theme is …” and click the video. Feel free to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on the post.


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