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mainly music Thursday group is back again

current COVID19 virus procedures are in place for everyone

Started in 1990, mainly music is a fun music group for parents or primary care givers to enjoy together with their children aged from birth to school age. Throughout the morning, children develop gross and fine motor skills, spatial concepts, language and imagination. They also learn to share and socialize with others. Each mainly music group is associated with and is run by volunteers from our church.
Children are introduced to music, creativity and more, plus families are given a chance to think about the God-part of life. Families who have their children baptised at our church are invited to attend mainly music.
Theme days are held throughout the year and Easter, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day are celebrated. Amazing to think that all this can be achieved in a loving, shared family environment.
If you would like to know more about attending these Thursday sessions, please just complete the contact form.

contact Vanna McGreevy here

Every Thursday morning 9:30 until 11:30

in the church hall


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