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Cell Groups & Bible Studies

The Discipleship Ministry Team provides oversight and energy to the further development of cell groups, bible studies, educational and discipleship programs, as well as the training and equipping of leaders.
We seek to grow in relationship with each other and to help each other grow as we follow Christ together – everyone is welcome!
There are a number of groups that meet during the day and also those that meet during the week at night for fellowship and bible study.
Our goal is that together we will be built on FAITH, immersed in LOVE, and empowered for ACTION.

Cell and Study Group Times

Seasons Study Group 10:00 am every first Tuesday of the month commencing on 6 February.

Cell Chicks 7:00pm fortnightly.
Lenten Study 9:30am commencing on 15 February with Rev Gerda Olafsen.

For more information or if you’re interested in joining a group, please contact Rev. Gwen Fisher using the contact form, or, by phone: 0418 789 870.

Bible Studies

BIBLE STUDY SERIES for the Autumn Teaching Series:
The various day and evening Bible Study Groups allow participants to dig deeper into the scriptures and share experiences of exercising and observing the use of spiritual gifts.

Week 1 – Spiritual Gifts and the Body of Christ
Groups Commencing Monday 23rd April

Week 2 – Exploring the Gifts of the Spirit – Part 1
Groups commencing Monday 30th April

Week 3 – Exploring the Gifts of the Spirit – Part 2
Groups commencing Monday 7th May

Week 4 – Exploring the Gifts of the Spirit – Part 3
Groups commencing Monday 14th May

Week 5 – Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
Groups commencing Monday 21st May

27 Spiritual Gifts by Rev Robert Hillman
Discovering & Using God’s Gifts by Rev Dr Graham Beattie
Finding Your Purpose – Becoming all you were meant to be (Zondervan)
Spiritual Gifts – Empowered to live for God (Shaw Books)
Finding Your Spiritual Gifts by Tim Blanchard
SHAPE for Ministry (Willow Creek)


Ladies Bible Study 7:30pm fortnightly commencing on 1 February. Contact Marg Coghlan or Judy Jackson.

Home Group at Rothery’s 7:30pm fortnightly commencing on 9 February.
Home Group at Camillo’s 7:30pm fortnightly commencing on 2 February. Contact Camillo.

For more information or if you’re interested in joining a group, please contact Rev. Gwen Fisher using the contact form below or by phone: 0418 789 870.


Stewardship is a ‘whole of life’ expression of Christian discipleship.

Coordinator: Rev Peter Arnett

contact Rev Gwen Fisher


Built on Faith, Immersed in Love, Empowered for Action.

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