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Spiritual Gifts Teaching Series

Study Series information:

This Autumn series –
‘Spiritual Gifts’ – starting April 22

The Winter series –
“Emotionally Healthy Church”

The Spring series –
“Five Practices of a Healthy Church”

Week 1 - April 22nd

Week 1 – Sunday 22nd April Exploring the Gifts of the Spirit – Part 1
An exploration of the spiritual gifts: Prophecy, Teaching, Apostle, Evangelist, Missionary, Exhortation, Leadership, Pastor, and Celibacy.

Week 2 - 29th April

Week 2 – Sunday 29th April Spiritual Gifts and the Body of Christ
An introduction to the nature, value and purpose, of spiritual gifts and their significance to the Christian Church. The Church, described as the Body of Christ, is most effective in ministry and mission when the body is functioning at its best and the variety of gifts are being exercised with grace and confidence.

Week 3 - 6th May

Week 3 – Sunday 6th May Exploring the Gifts of the Spirit – Part 2
An exploration of the spiritual gifts: Knowledge, Discernment, Speaking in Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues, Administration, Giving, Martyrdom, Poverty, and Artisan.

Week 4 - 13th May

Week 4 – Sunday 13th May Exploring the Gifts of the Spirit – Part 3
A special Mothers’ Day focus including an exploration of the spiritual gifts: Mercy, Wisdom, Faith, Intercession, Healing, Miracles, Helping, Service, and Hospitality.

Week 5 - 20th May

Week 5 – Sunday 20th May Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
A special Pentecost Celebration in which we will discover our God-given shape for ministry. This includes our life experiences, personality, aspirations, call to ministry, and the manner in which God is equipping us for the fulfilment of his purpose and place in the Body of Christ.


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